Go Go Bars in Patong Beach

What to Do at Night in Patong Beach

Gaudy, rowdy, naughty, noisy, tacky or great fun, all words used to describe some of Patong's nightlife. As the sun goes down Patong lights up like Las Vegas, the girls and katoeys (transsexuals) come out, and the show begins on Soi Bangla and the surrounding areas...

‘Thai style "Beer bars" usually have a number of young hostesses (generally female) who serve drinks and chit chat with the customers (usually male). The competition is fierce and the management of each establishment depends on the charms and the finely honed persuasive talents of the girls to help potential customers decide where they want to enjoy a drink or two. The rest is up to the customer if he wants to take the friendship further.

It's all a bit of a game and although largely aimed at male customers, the girls will quite happily welcome women and couples and simply chat. Similar bars exist around the world but the visitor will find something quite unique about the ones in Patong. Perhaps it's the girls, perhaps it's just the warm welcome...

The A-Go-Go bars are slightly more raunchy. Dance routines and shows on a raised stage around gleaming dancing poles, to a musical selection ranging from the latest hits to old favourites. During the evening don't be surprised if the dancers give way every so often to a few girls who perform a more daring and intimate show for the guests. As with the beer bars, the girls may well be willing to spend some personal time with you once those delicate financial matters have been cleared. A bar fine will be payable if you and your new friend leave to seek entertainment elsewhere. Finally, do note that couples are more than welcome in the majority of A-Go Go Bars. The atmosphere is not at all intimidating. So here's a quick guide to some of the more well known establishments:

Hot Bangla Road Soi Bangla + VDO

Bangla goes all out to entertain with girls, beers and music that increases in volume as the moon rises. Jammed most nights year round, it's a lively place to walk around in.  Read More...

A Go Go Go Go Bars in Patong

Patong’s Go-Go bars are the main reason some people head there in the first place – they feature sexy, scantily-clad young girls swaying to music. Read More...

Rock Hard A-Go-Go

Located at the top end of Soi Bangla, perhaps the best known establishment in Patong, beautiful girls, excellent music and a good range of beers and food (You can also eat outside on the pavement cafe.)

The action starts around 8pm each evening, continuing until the small hours. As the show is very soft, couples are always welcome.

Flash A Go-Go

A tiny bar, found tucked away up the stairs at the end of Soi Eric. The bar is so small that there is no changing room for the girls, which makes life more interesting for the customers. This is one of Patong's more risqu? bars, very popular with locals and famous for its floor shows. By 11pm the place is heaving seven nights a week.


Girls dressed in cheeky school uniforms. A popular theme with the locals. Girls dance to some of the best English Rock and Pop from the last three decades.

Andaman Queen A Go-Go

A popular show located at the very end of Soi Eric, Bangla Road.


Not so much an A-Go-Go bar, as an integrated pleasure resort. With accommodation, floorshows, swimming pool, competitions, occasional wet T-shirt competitions and more. Still more pretty girls, but very much the place to indulge your fantasies in reality rather than your imagination. Opens from 3pm, but action starts very late.

My Way (Gay)

Probably the best known and most popular gay go-go in Patong, with the most dancers, and the best shows every night. Comfortable friendly bar that attracts a regular and loyal crowd. Located Soi 5 Paradise Complex, Patong Beach.

Tangmo A Go Go (Gay)

Has large central cabaret and go-go stage with a number of smaller, elevated go-go stages. Popular cabaret shows twice nightly. Located Soi 5 Paradise Complex.


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