Patong Beach Restaurants

Where and What to Eat in Patong Beach

One of the great pleasures of visiting Thailand is the food. Thai food is renowned world wide for its virtually addictive flavours and variety, and for the freshness of ingredients, and Phuket is especially acclaimed for its seafood, and the wonderful range of fresh fruit available here. Not all Thai food is spicy, but if you like it hot, you won't be disappointed!

Eating Thai style means sharing a number of different dishes with your friends. Thais eat with a spoon and fork and take small samples from each dish as required. This allows everyone to share all the flavours of a typical Thai meal - a balance of sweet , sour, salty and spicy. Fruit is usually served at the end of the meal, cut into small pieces and shared around the table.

Bangla Road Restaurants

Heading away from the beach, this 500-metre strip of bars, shops, tailors, restaurants, naughty venues and fast food joints is the heart of Patong. Read More...

Beach Road Restaurants

Patong's Beach Road is about two kilometers long and home to a large number of international dining choices. There are countless high-end restaurants and good old yummy street food stands. Read More...

Restaurants on Rat U Thit Road Rat U Thit Road Restaurants

Rat U Thit Road is the second most prolific road in Patong and features a dizzying variety of businesses ventures from night entertainments to hotels, banks, malls and many good dining venues. Read More...

Rat U Thit Restaurants

Rat-U-Thit Road is the second most prolific road in Patong and runs parallel to the Beach Road for over two kilometres. Rat-U-Thit Road features a dizzying variety of businesses ventures. Read More...

Street Food

Look around virtually any street and you'll find food. Thais love to eat and the streets are never short of something tempting. Most of the food is deliciously satisfying and good value. Read More...

Thai Food

From a humble pavement restaurant with basic tables and chairs, to sophisticated dining by the sea. Patong has a superb range of excellent places to eat good Thai food. Read More...


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